10 Reasons Why You’ll Instantly Fall in Love with Bali

Written by: Lauren Cox 

You may already have Bali on the top of your bucket list.  It’s a favorite budget-friendly island for travelers from all over the world – a perfect melting pot between the local Indonesians, expats and tourists. While dubbed “The Perfect Destination” on paper, there’s a certain ambiance that Bali exudes, something you’d have to experience first-hand to truly understand. Some will call it a spiritual awakening, the ultimate paradise or maybe even just a life-changing trip. Regardless of the name, Bali has something for everyone – the surfer, the party animal, the yogi, the beach goer and the adventurer. One day in Bali and you’ll be in love, a couple days in Bali and you’ll never want to leave. If you need more convincing here’s 10 reasons why you’ll instantly fall in love with Bali.

  1. Exploring the Temples
    We’ve all seen the photos of the iconic Balinese temples. Some stretching high into the sky while others are simply intricate detailed rock carvings. No matter your religion, these temples seem to cast a spell on whoever comes near. Dating back thousands of years, it’s easy to catch yourself staring at the beauty of these remarkable landmarks. Take notice of the locals praying and the “canang sari” or Balinese offerings. Inside these small woven baskets you’ll find flowers, fruits, nuts and possibly incense that allow the offerings to rise into the heavens. Once the incense goes out, the canang becomes and earthy object again and can be thrown out in preparation for the next day. Embrace the spiritual affection that Bali sends your way.
  2. Relaxing on the Beaches
    If you’ve heard that Bali has some of the best beaches in the world, then you heard right. The idyllic, fine sand beaches are everywhere – they might as well be straight from a post card. And best of all, those beaches aren’t all that Bali offers.  Picture yourself walking down an unspoiled black sand beach or lounging in a tropical lagoon paradise. Whether you’re looking for water sports, a quiet family beach or your own private seaside sanctuary you’ll find it here in Bali.
  3. Experiencing the Nightlife
    When you think of Bali, maybe you think of the nightlife…or maybe you don’t. Either way, you’ll find it. Bali hosts some of the best seaside bars, hotel lounges and beach clubs in the world. With so many famous venues, it’s easy to see how these places attract the best DJs and live music around. Looking for a laid-back beach bar? Cruise on over to Old Man’s, a well-known outdoor beach bar, right off Batu Bolong Beach in Canggu. https://oldmans.net/
  4. Visiting the Rice Terraces
    There’s something special about the Balinese Rice Fields. The layers of greenery, the way the sun peeks behind the palms and reflects off the pools of water; it feels like they were made strictly for our enjoyment. Just cruising around the island, you’ll find your share of picturesque rice fields. The Tegalalang Rice Fields are among the most famous in Ubud. Now, a popular attraction due to the “Love Bali” sign and famous swing, it’s recommended to visit early in the morning or later in the evenings.
  5. Savoring the Local Cuisine
    Honestly, before visiting Bali I was deathly afraid of the infamous “Bali Belly.” The idea of being sick in bed while being in such a beautiful place seemed like a nightmare. Oh, did I have it wrong. Bali’s gastronomy is world-class, from the street food to the premier restaurants. The traditional Balinese cuisine consists mostly of fish, vegetables and raw items with a special array of spices and flavors. It’s really no wonder Bali has become one of the foodie capitals of Southeast Asia. Good news if you’re looking for variety, with the bustling tourist scene, it’s easy to track down food from all over the world.Tip: Many of the Resorts offer amazing breakfasts, complete with fresh juices and fruits, crispy pastries and the traditional favorites. Breakfast will become your favorite meal!
  6. Taking Advantage of the Exotic Lodging
    Those amazing villas you see all over Instagram – they’re real, and best of all they’re cheap! If you do your research, it’s very easy to find your accommodation bliss, complete with private pool, outdoor shower, Zen garden and canopy bed. No matter your budget, there’s a place for everyone. The high-end resorts and spas will make you never want to leave the grounds. If you’re on a smaller budget, it’s still incredibly easy to find yourself in your very own private villa, for a very low price.

    Those amazing Balinese villas you see all over Instagram — they’re real, and best of all they’re cheap! Legit Trips guests stay in 4-5 star accommodations and get an incredible accommodation value as part of their trip package.  Every accommodation offers its own type of bliss — beautiful pools, Zen gardens, flowered grounds, you might even find an outdoor shower!
  7. Finding your Center with Yoga
    Any good yogi knows Bali is the place to be to improve, learn and practice yoga. Particularly in Ubud, there are countless studios that range from beginner to advance, many set right in the middle of your very own jungle haven. With all the excitement that a trip to Bali entails, it’s nice to take a moment to relax and find your Nirvana in the middle of nature.
  8. Testing the Waters Surfing
    Whether you’re new to surfing, an intermediate or a pro, Bali’s the ultimate surf destination. Unlike some of the other surf meccas of the world, there’s enough waves to go around. With over 60 surf breaks ranging from beginner to expert, it’s easy to avoid congested swells or having to wait your turn to catch a wave. No surprise, there’s an extensive surfing community that brings in some of the best instructors and surf schools around.
  9. Haggling in the Shopping Markets
    Be sure to take advantage of Bali’s amazing markets and put your negotiating skills to the test. The street shops are filled with hand-painted crafts, jewelry, sarongs, clothing, pots and whatever else you can think of. Bargaining is expected so put your sales hat on and get shopping.Tip: Due to the crazy currency differences, make sure you check the exchange rate while shopping. I found myself in a heated haggle over what I didn’t realize was only a 50 cent difference.
    Bali would be nothing without its beautiful people who create the fascinating culture and extend their arms to welcome visitors. From a simple smile or greetings toward strangers to asking foreign tourists to take a selfie together, their warmth and sociable nature will make you feel like home.They are also very used to taking care of each other in their community. Multi-generational families live together throughout life, sharing in responsibilities, work, and tending to elders. As a result, they are thoughtful of other people’s needs and go all-out in giving a hand. Don’t be surprised if one day you’re asking for directions and they ended up taking you to the destination.

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