5 Reasons Lapland Should Be On Your Bucket List

Lapland is a combination of the northernmost parts of Sweden and Finland. We recently took two groups and everyone had an absolute blast. It’s a great destination for any age with tons to do and a lot of opportunities to be WOW-ed. Imagine snow-covered trees, festive lighting, and outdoor fun in the snow followed by snuggling up by a fire. It doesn’t get much closer to a winter wonderland than Lapland! If you can think of a winter outdoor activity, you can find it here. Everything from reindeer and dog sledding, snowmobiling, to tubing and snowshoeing. Lapland is home to some of Scandinavia’s most unique attractions, the Santa Claus Village, the ICEHOTEL and Arctic Glass Igloos. Here are a 5 reasons Lapland should be on your bucket list. Join us on one of our next trips!

Northern Lights

Experience the Northern Lights. First, the bad news: the northern lights, also called aurora borealis, never show up on demand. They depend on natural factors such as solar winds and charged particles in the earth’s upper atmosphere. Fortunately Lapland is one of the best areas to spot them. If you visit between October and March, the near total darkness means you’ll have more time to witness them in the dark sky.  

Ice & Snow Activities

From walking a reindeer through Santa Claus village to snowshoeing through snow-covered forest, there are endless opportunities for adventure in the snow. Driving a snowmobile over thick, frozen lakes was so much more fun than we imagined. Husky sledding was also amazing. We found the dogs to be so sweet and CRAVING the run with the sled.

Unique & Stunning Hotels

If you’ve always wondered what it’s like to stay in an igloo, you’re in luck. In Lapland we stayed at the famous IceHotel (on ice beds!) and were surprised to find that we were warmer than expected and actually slept well! It’s like an ice museum with the artist designed rooms, champagne chalices made out of ice and beautiful ice chandeliers and sculptures everywhere. The glass igloos provided a beautiful escape to sleep under the stars and we loved feeling like it was Christmas every day at the Santa Claus Village

Traditional Finnish Saunas

Saunas are an integral part of Finnish (and Swedish) culture. Typically, it is in a little hut heated by a wood-burning stove with temperatures in the range of 80-110 C° (176-230 °F) but they vary from city to city. There are half as many saunas as there are people in Finland! You can request hotel rooms with your own personal saunas in them!

Breathtaking Scenery

Northern Lapland remains largely untouched and with the lush landscape coated in pristine white snow for months each year, it’s easy to see why this region is a winter wonderland. There is an abundance of natural beauty, leisure activities and infinite photo opportunities.

If you’re interested in learning more or looking to book a trip to Lapland, send us an email at fun@legittrips.com. We’re certified travel agents and can plan any trip, anywhere! OR you can join us in Lapland in February.

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