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Legit Trips was born out of a mission to build a global travel community- to provide a space for people to travel more, whether or not they had friends available to travel with.  Our signature group trips are hand-crafted to offer an experience we know you can’t find anywhere else.  We build each itinerary with purpose- to create community and connection and to truly experience the local culture of the place we’re visiting.  We help individuals, couples, and groups visit destinations like a traveler, not a tourist. Learn more about our trips HERE.

After personally hosting all of our group trips for years, we had learned so much about travel planning that we decided to become travel agents to help even more people have more Legit travel experiences.  And today we have our own team of travel advisors that work with us! Whether you’re a solo traveler, business traveler, or planning your honeymoon, our expert team of travel advisors can help make your trip even better with less time and less stress!  Learn about our travel advisors HERE

And while our signature group trips are still at the heart of the business, we continue to evolve as the world around us changes, and as we each change as individuals.  One of our owners Kristen has become a Professional Life Coach and now hosts our Retreat series.  Combining a Legit vacation experience with professional development, enveloped by a supportive and transformational environment. More retreats coming soon for 2022.

Most recently, coronavirus has pushed us to rethink how we can share authentic, cultural experiences of connection with our travelers.  Please welcome our Virtual Experiences where you can meet our favorite vendors from around the world, most of whom are still recovering from more than year without tourism.  These intimate group experiences allow each guest to really connect with our host and have a virtual, cultural experience. From cooking to dancing to diving, learn more about our experiences HERE.

Our team of travel Experts

We are professional, trained travel experts
On-site 24/7 throughout your trip
So you'll never be alone or uninformed
That's the LEGIT difference

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Something Special

We always try to offer something you couldn't find anywhere else. Whether we know a secret swimming hole or get a behind the scenes tour, we strive to offer the extraordinary.

Easy Breezy

Simply book your flight, and we do the rest. Be the hero of your own vacation with none of the stress! Leave the planning to us, we promise you won't be disappointed.


The magic is real when like-minded people share incredible travel experiences. Our group trips strive to create lifelong connections and friendships with our travelers.

Giving Back

We're committed to supporting local businesses and vendors in each of our itineraries, and giving back to communities in need whenever we can.

Independent Travel

Flexible itineraries allow plenty of freedom to go your own way. Have a special interest or hobby? Feel free to stray from the pack. We give you a compass, not a leash.


Each of our trip itineraries are not only good for our guests, but also good for the local people, animals and nature where we're headed.

Our Happy TravelERS

"The BEST way to travel if you're looking for a dope group of travel companions. There were a dozen like-minded travelers on my trip, and I left with a dozen new friends. The trip leaders go out of their way to make sure you have the best experience ever."

-Chelsea L.

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