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Our Story

When we first met nearly a decade ago we clicked instantly.  In our first conversation we discovered we had both lived in Australia, and the travel stories and dreams flowed from there. As our friendship grew and we began exploring the globe together, we always talked about how travel helped us understand the world and nudged us to be better humans along the way.

While we both grew a lot through solo travel when we were younger, we also agreed that the joy of discovering a new place was that much sweeter when shared with someone else.  And there’s just something different about bonding while traveling- people are more present, more engaged, more real. Friendships are forged faster and solidified instantly over a new experience.

Legit Trips was born out of this understanding that the world is better when we’re connected to it, and to each other.  We’re in business to help people discover the world, together.

We all can make the world a better place by taking time out to connect with ourselves, the planet and other humans.  Experiencing different people and places, and different ways of life, has led us to see unlimited possibilities in our own lives.  We strive to help people feel curious, alive, and free to try or do new things.  We want to see our guests live their best life so they can share their own awesomeness with the world. 

Our team of trip leaders

We are professional, trained, travel experts
On-site 24/7 throughout your trip
So you'll never be alone or uninformed
That's the LEGIT difference

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Your personal Legit Trips guide is there from Day 1 to help you feel informed and comfortable. We provide maps, suggested tours, and local secrets for you to explore as you get familiar with your destination. You’ll even have a Welcome Reception to get to know your fellow trip-mates right from the start.
Next, we encourage you to try or do something new, be open-minded, make a stranger a friend, push your limits. The middle of the trip is always about adventure, a fresh experience, curiosity. We facilitate the fun, and you choose your own adventure that makes you feel alive, amazed, and like you have no limits.


Your trip always concludes with a group celebration.  A celebration of: the people who made the trip uniquely awesome, the place that was a gracious host and beautiful backdrop, and the special memories that were created.  It’s not goodbye, it’s Sota Tale- “see you again”. Like the Fijians, we never say goodbye, because we always hope to see one another again!

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Something Special

We always try to offer something you couldn't find anywhere else. Whether we know a secret swimming hole or get a behind the scenes tour, we strive to offer the extraordinary.

Easy Breezy

Simply book your flight, and we do the rest. Be the hero of your own vacation with none of the stress! Leave the planning to us, we promise you won't be disappointed.


The magic is real when like-minded people share incredible travel experiences. We strive to create lifelong connections and friendships with our travelers.

Giving Back

We're committed to supporting local businesses and vendors in each of our itineraries, and giving back to communities in need whenever we can.

Independent Travel

Flexible itineraries allow plenty of freedom to go your own way. Have a special interest or hobby? Feel free to stray from the pack. We give you a compass, not a leash.


Each of our trip itineraries are not only good for our guests, but also good for the local people, animals and nature where we're headed.

Our Happy TravelERS

"The BEST way to travel if you're looking for a dope group of travel companions. There were a dozen like-minded travelers on my trip, and I left with a dozen new friends. The trip leaders go out of their way to make sure you have the best experience ever."

-Chelsea L.
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