May 26th-June 1st, 2025
Total Price: $2350 p/p

Join us for Albania! We will explore the UNESCO cities, visit castles and archaeological towns, and take in the views on the Albania Riviera. You won’t want to miss experiencing this small untouched country with its incredible landscapes, authentic culture, and the kindest people. 

Plus, our fabulous Legit Trips tour leader, Lacia is leading this trip 🙂

This trip starts and ends in Tirana (TIA)

Join us for this 7 day adventure through all of the amazing UNESCO towns in Albania. This trip also backs up to our Georgia trip if you’re interested in doing both!

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Itinerary subject to change based on discretion of trip leader or tour operator, due to weather or other extenuating circumstances.

May 26th-June 1st, 2025

This trip backs up to our Georgia trip for 2 weeks in Eastern Europe. 

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TOTAL $2350

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  • 6 nights accommodation – all 5* hotels
  • Daily breakfast
  • Airport transfers to/from Tirana
  • Tirana city tour
  • Visit to Monastery of Ardenica, an Eastern Orthodox monastery
  • Berat tour – First stop: the Citadel. It overlooks the river and the modern city as well as the old  Christian quarter across the river. The citadel can be reached by a steep road and is still  inhabited. Inside the walls, you can visit ruined mosques and several medieval Orthodox  churches, all intact and with restored frescoes and icons. Onufri National Museum is located in  the inner part of “Saint Mary Church” in Castle of Berat. This Museum offers a collection of 173  belonging to the found of Albanian Churches and Monasteries.
  • Gjirokastër city tour –

    Gjirokastër is one of the most beautiful Albanian historic towns – inscribed into the UNESCO  world heritage list. Gjirokastër; the “city of stone,” extends downhill from the 13th century  castle. From the walls of the castle one can admire the view of its districts and the surrounding  valley of river Drinos. A stroll along the stone paved streets will bring travelers to discover the  charming traditional architecture that originates from the Ottoman times. It was in these gray  stone-cobbled streets that both dictator Enver Hoxha and writer Ismail Kadare grew up. We will  visit the castle on arrival, and then have lunch in a restaurant in town. In the afternoon we will  visit the museum of ethnography located in the family house of dictator Hoxha

  • Visit to ‘The Blue Eye’
  • Exploring UNESCO city Butrint – which is one of the great archaeological sites in  the Balkans. With a long and colourful history dating back to the early Neolithic age, Butrint has  been occupied and fought over until the Ottoman period when it lay abandoned. More recently,  excavations have taken place and all periods of Butrint’s history have been revealed including its  Roman theatre, Roman house and thermal baths as well as a fine baptistery with fabulous  mosaic floors. The setting is idyllic with the ruins nestling in the bend of the Vivari River
  • Visit to Llogora National Park
  • Explore ancient ruins at Apollonia archaeological site.  Visit the Archaeological Museum of Apollonia. Enjoy lunch at a nearby restaurant.
  • Private driver- transportation between domestic destinations, to tours, etc.
  • Local Albania guide with you all day every day
  • Legit Trips tour leader with you 24/7

Deposits are non-refundable (but are transferable to another person or Legit Trip). Any additional payments can be refunded if canceled more than 90 days prior to the trip start date.  Deposits may only be transferred one time and incur a $100 rebooking fee.

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Fun Facts About ALBANIA

No and YES

NO MEANS YES, AND YES MEANS NO. When talking to an Albanian you may notice that it looks like they are disagreeing with you, but they nod their heads in the opposite direction than us of the western cultures. Shake your head up and down and that means no, shake it side to side and that means yes.


During the communist era (1941 to 1992) religion was outright banned making Albania the first atheist country in the world. Many mosques and churches were burned down during the Enver Hoxha ruling. Nowadays Albania is predominately Islam, but you will find people eating pork, drinking alcohol and not wearing headscarves.


During the communist era, Enver Hoxha demanded that over 750,000 bunkers be built for an upcoming war. But in fact, that was all a lie and the bunkers were built for no real reason. You will find them scattered throughout Albania still today. Some have been turned into farming sheds, artists’ studios and even hotels.


Albania is very safe. In fact, in Albania, there is something called a code of Besa, which roughly translates to ‘to keep the promise’. Albanians have a code of honor to look after those who need help.

Day 1


Transfer from the airport to Tirana. Afternoon city tour.

Meet and greet with our group and hosts.

O/N at The Plaza

Day 2


We’ll start the day with a visit to Monastery of Ardenica then the Citadel in Berat. We’ll visit ruined mosques and several medieval Orthodox churches as well as Onufri National Museum in Castle of Berat. 

O/N at Colombo

Day 3


Gjirokastër city tour. We will visit the castle on arrival, and then have lunch in a restaurant in town. In the afternoon we will  visit the museum of ethnography located in the family house of dictator Hoxha.
O/N at Argijilo

Day 4


Today we have a 2.5 hour drive but will stop & walk to the karstic spring, ‘The Blue Eye.’ This afternoon, we visit UNESCO Butrint, which is one of the great archaeological sites in  the Balkans where we’ll see the recent Roman excavations.
O/N at Butrinti

Day 5


Another scenic coastal drive, 3 hours, along the Albanian Riviera, winding over the 1,000-metre-high pass at Llogora. Upon reaching Llogora National Park, we will have time for a short break in the mountains.
O/N at Priam Hotel

Day 6


Explore ancient ruins at Apollonia archaeological site.  Visit the Archaeological Museum of Apollonia. Enjoy lunch at a nearby restaurant. 

Evening to explore Vlore. 
O/N at Priam Hotel

Day 7


Transport to Tirana airport

Say “see you again” to your travel buds and start sharing photos and memories!

OPtional ADD-On

This trip backs up to our Georgia trip. Book both for an amazing two weeks in Eastern Europe!

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