Bali, Indonesia

1 Month in Bali

Do you work remotely and have been dreaming of working abroad? We’re hosting our Bali Digital Nomad Month in Canggu, a place filled with entrepreneurs and digital nomads from all over the world. Join us for a month of co-working in a beautiful place where we can share ideas, learn and grow from each other, and explore this sunning country.

Join us for our Bali Digital Nomad Month! You will be staying in a shared villa with a community of Legit Trips Digital Nomads. We will co-work, explore, surf, do yoga, share ideas, and make new friends. This is a great way to venture out into living abroad but with a 24/7 Legit Trips staff to assist with anything you may need.

If you’d like to extend your trip, just email us for details. It also includes  comprehensive travel planning, coordinated extras, personalized attention, language translation, on-site trip leader guide available 24/7. 

Fly in/out of DPS (Denpasar), if you need help with flights, contact us!

March 1st-March 31st, 2020

  • 1 month accommodation
  • Transportation to/from DPS airport
  • 1 organized group activity per week
  • Local tips/guidance for living in Bali
  • On site 24/7 Legit Trips staff
  • Packing guidance for living abroad for one month
  • Your package also includes a local Legit Trips staff member who will be available 24/7 to book you any excursions or weekend trips as well as organize any activity.  

Up until 60 days before the trip start date, your deposit is fully transferable to another trip or person. If you cancel less than 60 days to the trip start date you will not be able to receive a refund unless you’re able to fill your spot.

Deposit $750

Total Trip Package $2200

fast Facts About Bali

Bali Beaches

Bali has a rich assortment of beaches, each of which is a favorite destination on its own. They range from palm-fringed white sand coasts & cliff-guarded ‘hidden’ shores to black sand beaches.

Local People

Despite having the highest number of poor people, Bali scores very high on the happiness index. When asked, they attribute that to their social relationships being good, feeling valued & being proud of themselves for helping others.

The Amazon of the Seas

The Coral Triangle gets water from the Philippines, Malaysia, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea & Timor. This beautiful location is the reason behind Bali’s diverse marine life.


There are two volcanoes in Bali and guess what both of them are active! One of them is Mount Batur which is 5,600 feet high and the other is Mount Agung which is 10,000 feet high.


3-4 bedroom villa with shared rooms (private room available at extra cost)

Verified good wifi

Large kitchen stocked with all of your cooking needs


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Canggu is a rapidly growing town in Bali developed by digital nomads looking for a new way of life. The coffee shops all have fellow travelers propped up with their laptops sharing ideas and enjoying the beautiful scenery. The wifi is EXCELLENT at almost all restaurants and coffee shops as well as the accommodations.

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Our Bali Digital Nomad Month is your chance to try out the digital nomad life without having to take the risk on your own. We’ll handle all of the details, you just pack your bags and join us for the best co-working experience you could ask for.

We will have a local staff on hand 24/7 for anything you may need.


There is so much to do in Bali either at night or on the weekends or whenever you choose to work! We can arranging surfing lessons or weekend trips to the Gili Islands. 

There are also a ton of waterfalls and temples just a scooter ride away at all times as well as climbing gyms and yoga studios.

Group Itinerary to Bali - Book trip with friends - Legit Trips


Bali is 12 hours ahead of Central Standard time. Because Canggu is full of digital nomads working from lots of other countries, you can find people out and about working or exploring at all hours of the day.

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