Barbados – Rich in Local Tradition

Ah Barbados, where cricket is life and afternoon tea is still a thing. The mix of British influence with Caribbean/Creole makes for a fun and interesting culture on the island. Barbados has many different towns to explore, which are connected by mini busses zooming from one area to the next. Locals and visitors alike can hop aboard anywhere for 2 Barbadian dollars and ride as long as they wish. Typically there’s music blasting and lights flashing. Riding the ZRs (as they’re called locally) was one of my favorite Barbadian adventures!


  1. St Lawrence Gap- for food, views, or bar hopping. This cute, dense neighborhood of bars and restaurants has a fun, high energy vibe especially from sunset until late. The restaurants are incredible and the bars offer fun nightlife in one small area so you can sample lots of places within a very short walk. Cool area to check out. A bit touristy, but still worth the visit!
  2. Visit the best beaches in Barbados! There are a dozen. We stayed at South Beach Hotel on Rockley Beach and it was a great location to use as a central hub for exploring the rest of the island as well as the Rockley Beach area.
  3. Have a fish dinner at Oistins town. The fish come straight out of the ocean and get cooked up in all of the tiny shacks (“restaurants”) along the beach. Be prepared to wait, but it will be worth it! This is a very local experience, you may be the only tourists there depending on when you go (we’d suggest around sunset) so be mindful that this is where the locals go to catch up with their friends, be respectful when you’re in their backyard 


Language: English is the official language, making it easy to get around. You’ll also hear the local Bajan Creole being widely spoken.

Currency: Barbadian Dollar

Electric: The plugs fit! Standard US chargers will be fine on outlets and voltage

Driving: If you’re comfortable using taxis and the local mini bus system, you don’t need a car. Taxis can be expensive, but you can always negotiate, and the bus system is very cheap!

Airports: 1 airport nearby to the capital city of Bridgetown, BGI, serves the island with lots of direct flights from the US. BGI is a major hub connecting to other spots in the Caribbean as well, so you can use it as a connection to more island hopping easily!

If you’re thinking about going to Barbados, please contact us (! We’re happy to provide free consultations. Enjoy!

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