Best cheap eats in Condesa, Mexico City

After many visits and lots of delicious bites later, we’ve come up with this list of the best cheap eats in Condesa, Mexico City. If you’re excited about the food in Mexico City and want to experience it yourself, join us on our group culinary trip in March!

First up Tacos Don Juan, a yummy taco joint that’s usually swarming with locals. Famous for their carnitas tacos on Friday (warning, there may be a line.) For those of you who are now rolling your eyes thinking you wont wait in line for tiny street tacos, get excited. They’re MASSIVE. All of their tacos are about 18 to 25 pesos ($1-$1.50 USD) and after eating lunch here, you won’t need to eat again that day.

You know those times you roll up on a massive Mexican bakery in the US and you think you’ve won the lottery? La Espiga is even better than that. If you’ve never seen these before, they’re a bit different than you’re used to. Upon walking in to the bakery section, you will grab a large silver platter and a pair of tongs. Pile your goodies on to your platter and then they’ll tally you up at the counter! If baked goods aren’t your thing, they have a large breakfast counter with eggs, chilaquiles, beans, and many other Mexican staples. The prices were all reasonable, with baked goods less than 20 pesos each ($1 USD).

Check out Churrería El Moro for a popular late-night snack any time of day. Made with just flour, water, and salt, these churros are all crisp and chew, no puff: They’re the best in the city. The menu is simple—churros, eight types of hot chocolate, and the consuelo, an ice-cream sandwich with coiled churros on each end. FREAKING YUM. 

El Pescadito is a bright-yellow taco joint that you can’t miss! However, you may roll up to find a line of people waiting for a (folding) seat. Nearly all nine fish/shrimp fillings are battered, Sonora style, for maximum crispy, juicy flavor. Pescadito’s signature taco, ‘que-sotote’ – a chili stuffed with shrimp and cheese – is worth holding out for.

We could go on and on because the delicious food is endless in Mexico City but these are our top picks for the Condesa neighborhood. For more information about Mexico City or to join us on our Foodie Trip or Dia de los Muertos trip, email us at

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    My mouth is WATERING! Churros sound amazing

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      Thanks for reading! 🙂 We’re super excited about this trip as well!

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