Best Places to Visit in Bali

We’ve been all around Bali, every corner where the sand meets the ocean, and to so many of the islands that surround it. After years of research, in our opinion, these are the best places to visit in Bali.

Starting with our personal favorite, Jungut Batu Beach on Nusa Lembongan. There are so many reasons why this beach tops our list but the main reason is because this island is not yet a top tourist destination. It’s still a place where locals fill the streets. They fly by carrying/balancing an unbelievable amount of items on their heads and I can’t help but smile EVERY single time. Your sunset view won’t be disturbed by influencers taking photos on the beach and you’re very likely to be lounging next to locals or foreigners who have made Nusa Lembongan their home (either permanently or temporarily.) It’s a special island with just enough to do to not get bored for about a week but yet just small enough to get to know everyone in a few months. The scuba diving is incredible, the local food scene is still incredibly inexpensive and delicious, and you can still find hotels in high season for less than $30 a night. If you’re looking for somewhere that’s not yet a “hot spot” but still has lots to do, this is your island.

Second on our list is Gili Trawagan. We’ve written about this island before, but we have to bring it up again because in the past, it’s gotten a bad reputation. However, ever since the earthquake, there has been quite a shift happening on the famous Gili T island. If you’re looking for more social interaction and potentially a bit of partying, this island is for you. Ever since the earthquake the island has bonded together to form a really cool and really obvious sense of community. With endless dive shops and organic cafes, you’ll never run out of sea life or smoothie bowls.

Next up is Canggu. The Kuta/Seminyak area has been popular for years but Canggu has been on the rise the past few. With cafes full of digital nomads and ex-pats, this trendy town has transformed in no time to a super cute haven for those wanting to escape normal life in their own countries for an island vibe with great wifi. Being called one of the best surfing spots in the world, it’s bustling with shirtless Aussies and motorbikes with surf racks. The beaches have black sand but to me it just makes it all that much more unique. I love the fact that you can see so many different types of beaches on the same island!

In an effort to not make this blog endless, because there are so many incredible spots in Bali, I’ve recently come to love Uluwatu. The sunset at the island’s south peninsula is something special. It does not matter the point you choose to see it but for me, watching the end of the day by the Hindu temple of Uluwatu, is something you will never forget. The temple stands at the top of a cliff facing the ocean and the sun sets in the horizon, behind the agitated water of the Indian Ocean. It creates a view impossible not to fall in love with.

There are endless places to see in Bali but if you only have a week, these are our suggestions from the best places to visit in Bali. For more tips, email us at

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