Best Wifi Spots on Nusa Lembongan

One of the most popular topics on this small island is, where is the GOOD wifi. Lots of digital nomads and avid travelers wander around Lembongan in search of the best connection. Well, over the last month, I’ve done my fair share of research and wifi testing and have come up with this list. As someone who likes to be efficient, all of these places are also places that I really enjoyed the coffee or the food. It is definitely part of the island charm that it is hard to find but I’ll help you out with my suggestions for the best wifi spots on Nusa Lembongan.

  1. Pisang Pisang – With several menus to choose from, you have the choice of delicious breakfast tacos, a smoothie bowl, a jackfruit burger, or some local Balinese cuisine. Everything I’ve had has been exactly what I had hoped it would be. More importantly, the wifi is LIGHTNING fast. Definitely my favorite find if you really need to smash out some work. They also have power outlets around the restaurant so you can charge your computer if needed (which is somewhat hard to find!) It has is INDOORS with AC which is unlike pretty much anywhere else on the island.
  2. Blue Corner Dive – I spent most of my time here to start because I was getting my dive master here but also because the wifi was 100% reliable. They also have a delicious green juice that I had almost every day as well as some epic poutine and burgers. Worth noting, they have one of the best sunset views on the island so if you’re doing some late afternoon work, this is the best seat in the house.
  3. Ombak Zero Waste Cafe – Another beach front cafe with a view! This place is slightly more expensive but the wifi is always on point and they also have power outlets. Ombak has an array of juices including my personal favorite, Jamu juice for if you’re needed an extra health boost. I personally liked their smoothies and smoothie bowls as well as their beach front bean bags.
  4. Kayu Lembongan – This adorable cafe won my heart with their ginger pancakes and their top notch coffee. It just so happens that they also have wifi good enough for video calls! They also have some delicious wines if you’re working late and need to treat yourself!
  5. Eco Bali Deli – Last but certainly not least, my favorite iced coffee on the island. It’s last on my list due to their somewhat limited menu but their wifi is also extremely reliable and the vibe is always relaxed, perfect for an afternoon of blogging.

A couple of other upscale spots that have great wifi if you’re looking to splurge, The Deck (for sunset and champagne, Sandy Bay Beach Club, or Lembongan Beach Club. Lembongan is a special place so I appreciate the outdoor cafes with no walls, the occasional power outage, and the fact that wifi IS so hard to find. It brings us all together and sometimes leaves us in the dark.

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  1. Jay

    Any advice about which hotels have the best wifi on Lembongan? Thanks!

    1. LegitTrips

      Hey Jay! Most of the nicer hotels have GREAT wifi. If you want to send us an email to, I’m currently living on Lembongan and can give you some ideas!

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