Buenos Aires, Argentina

Although I’ve traveled around the world quite a bit, somehow I have managed to not spend very much time in South America. After the Galapagos last year, I realized that this HAD to change. Immediately. Through my travel agent connections, I found a company called Grabr. Lots of my friends were signed up to work with them so I jumped on board and took my first comped flight last weekend. (Side note – if you’re interested in traveling to South America for free, click on the Grabr link above for more info!) Off to Buenos Aires, Argentina I went!

I did a bit of advanced reading on the best things to do in Buenos Aires but I found a lot of them a little uneventful. Most of the suggestions were to leave the city and see Uruguay, Mendoza, and other places nearby. Since I only had three days, I decided to check out the recommended sights and a few friend recs as well. I’ll start with my favorites.

We stayed in Palermo which is about a $30 Uber ride from the airport. I’d recommend PRE-booking a transfer service because ubers are incredibly hard to get from the airport and we waited over an hour in the hot sun. My favorite part of BA was staying in Palermo. Although it was far from a lot of the tourist spots, it felt like somewhere I’d want to live. Locals are walking around buying fresh produce from a tiny hole in the wall market. Trendy coffee shops are around every corner boasting the best coffee I’ve ever had paired with an assortment of gourmet breakfast options for less than $5 USD. The neighborhood is full of artists with brightly colored walls lining the streets. Music filled the air no matter what hour we were walking. It was my kind of place.

We didn’t spend a lot of time in San Telmo, but it seems to be the other most popular area to live and enjoy. Lots of patio drinking and socializing in big parks around the area. When I return, I plan to stay here and report back. 

My favorite tourist spot is La Boca. It’s a brightly colored neighborhood that features local dancing, lots of drinking and dining, as well as a ton of tourist shopping. It was incredibly difficult to get an uber to and from here so take cash and be prepared to negotiate with a cab. It’s touristy but GREAT for photos and is a fun place to have a drink and grab some gifts for your friends back home.

If you don’t have much time, I recommend a bike tour and a trip to the Tigre Delta

Be sure and drink lots of Malbec, as much red meat as possible, and hang with the locals! If you want any specific restaurant/bar recommendations, send me an email at Lundy@legittrips.com

Check out the video I made of our trip! https://quik.gopro.com/v/gxHCfOudb1/

If you’re interested in a custom itinerary for your next trip, reach out to us! We’re certified travel agents and would love to help you travel to Argentina!

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