Curacao – Adorable Netherlands Antilles

Curacao is part of the “ABC” islands off the coast of Venezuela. It’s part of the Netherlands Antilles, or the Dutch Caribbean, and it’s ADORABLE. I’d highly recommend staying in the Willemstad town, from there you’ll be able to walk to plenty of swimming spots, shops, restaurants and bars. Curacao is colorful with vibrant colors in nature and on the buildings. The town is pretty sleepy though. You won’t find wild parties here, just really delicious food and incredible ocean front bars and restaurants. It’s a perfect place to really relax, get that Caribbean vibe and sunshine, but also have the amenities of a more European nation.


  1. SCUBA – Fantastic underwater scenery
    The ABCs aren’t known for “big stuff” like sharks in the water, but the reefs are very alive with a great diversity of small to mid size fish, and many species of beautiful, healthy coral too! We dove with Scubacao and can recommend them:
    You know a restaurant has it all going on when you eat there more than once in just a few days on a trip. This is BijBlauw. It’s hard to pronounce, but it’s worth the verbal stumbles to find your way there. The food is exceptionally well done, the views are incredible. We recommend going for sunset, and if you’re feeling a bit adventurous, ask to sit in the “splash zone”! didn’t have a meal we didn’t like on Curacao! Try them all 
  3. WILLEMSTAD TOWN – adorable architecture, just the right size for walking around Willemstad is where most of the boutique hotels are located, and all of the super cute little shops and restaurants. We wouldn’t recommend staying at any of the bigger hotels in Curacao because there are so many incredible boutique options. We stayed at Scuba Lodge and would highly recommend it. We chose it over the rooms at BijBlauw because they offered a kitchenette, but we have our eyes on trying out BijBlauw next time!

Nuts & Bolts:

Best Coffee: La Reina coffee, food, and lifestyle (Willemstad) w/ good wifi

We’d Come Back For: Mundo Bizzaro is a restaurant with a great bar atmosphere. We enjoyed a drink in their funky bar with big queen-like chairs, but have to come back sometime for dinner! 

Language: Dutch is the official language, though everyone will speak to you in English if needed

Currency: Netherlands Antillean Guilder

Electric: Standard voltage & plugs are available to match US standard

Driving: Is on the right side of the road. You could probably get away without renting a car if you’re staying in Willemstad. Our dive shop picked us up at the hotel for our dives, and otherwise we really didn’t need a car, other than getting to/from the airport which did cost about $25-30.

Airports: 1 airport, CUR serves the island. It’s very modern, recently remodeled and offers a priority lounge and other nice amenities!

If you’re thinking about going to Curacao, please contact us for a free 15-minute phone consultation to help you make the most of your trip. We don’t currently offer any trips here but would love to share our experience so you can have the trip of a lifetime!

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