Flight Hacking Tips for finding the best flights

Having trouble finding the flight you want?! We’ve can help! Here are our favorite flight hacking tips – websites/email subscriptions/companies to follow!

1) Google Flights: You can put in your departure airport and type in the country you want to go to, or even the continent. It will show you a list of the best possible countries or cities to fly in to for the cheapest price. ALSO you can see alternative dates to see what dates are cheaper and click TRACK. Then it emails you every time the flight decreases or increases. We use this for EVERY trip and are happy to help you track a flight if you need!

2) Exit Fares. I prefer ExitFares Austin but you should obviously subscribe to whatever city you live in or near. They have a facebook page now too that posts top deals as they have them. I see $300 RT to Asia ALL of the time and have to practice a lot of self control.

3) Scott’s Cheap Flights. It’s a paid email subscription. I have a friend who forwards it to me for free but I think it’s less than $20 a year. DEFINITELY worth it. Subscribe.

4) Travel Pirates: If you’re flexible, they have CRAZY deals all of the time. You have to just book it RIGHT then. I’ve seen flights RT to Paris from Texas for $200. It’s insane.

5) Hopper: the phone app. You put in where you want to go and when, it alerts you when it thinks is the best time to buy or if you should keep waiting.

If you need help booking a flight or a trip anywhere in the world, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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