Responsible Tourism

Making the World
a Better Place

We believe travel can make the world a better place. “Vacation” doesn’t have to be totally self indulgent. That is why we also focus on giving back through travel! We’re a community of travelers seeing and doing what’s beyond the typical vacation agenda. We dive deeper into a more small-batch travel experience.

We believe in traveling to learn, grow, and develop as human beings, and to better understand our world. We build community not only with the travelers in our group, but also the people we meet along the road, and the locals who live where we’re visiting.

As a company we’re committed to supporting local businesses and vendors in each of our itineraries, and giving back to communities in need whenever we can. For the past five years, each of our commemorative trip bracelets were custom made by Colors X Good. Colors X Good creates jobs that empower women in a small fishing village in the Yucatan, Mexico. Their socially responsible practices, activism and giving back to NGOs are all things we support, and it feels good to give our business to a company like theirs.

We do the research so you don’t have to.  We use small, locally-owned and operated hotels and service providers whenever possible so the money we spend stays in the local economy.  If you want to become a more informed traveler and learn how we all have the ability to harness tourism’s power in a way that creates shared value for all –  we recommend the film “The Last Tourist.” (see Trailer below)

As scuba divers and ocean lovers, our team continues to work toward cleaning up our oceans. Stay tuned for more ways you can help save our oceans through opportunities at Legit Trips.  We have one planet and one ocean that we all have to protect, and this year we’re digging in to see what we can do to make a meaningful impact.

If you want to act now, you can pull a pound of trash from the ocean right HERE

Community Ambassadors

We are now seeking community ambassadors for many of our 2022 trips! Community Ambassadors support our company mission to leave each place better than we found it. They learn about the local people and culture of our destinations, determine an area of true need and potential impact, and then provide our guests opportunities for learning, service, or giving back.

Our Community Ambassadors are the advocate for the place we’re going, to teach our guests about where they’re visiting on a deeper level. This is a volunteer position, but all Ambassadors receive a discounted trip to their destination.

See a destination on our upcoming trips list that you feel passionate about serving? Contact us to express interest and learn more.

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