Group Travel vs Community Travel – Why travel with us?!

The words “Group Travel” conjure up a lot of negative ideas for most people- 

  • big coach busses

  • stick-on name tags

  • a tour guide holding up a clipboard

  • shared accommodations

  • 30 or 40 other tourists who you may not have anything in common with

We’ve grappled with how to properly describe ourselves within the group travel space, and commonly say things like “hand-crafted small group travel”.  

Finally, we’ve arrived at the term “Community Travel” to better describe what we do. If you’ve never traveled with us before, know this- there won’t be any megaphones or being herded around like cattle. 


Legit Trips was born out of an understanding that the world is better when we’re connected to it, and to each other.  We help people discover the world, together. And believe we all can make the world a better place by taking time out to connect with ourselves, the planet and other humans. 

  • Our Community: Legit Trips are hand-crafted to foster connection, forge friendships and share memories between like-minded travelers, aged 27-39 (ish…it’s more of a mindset than a set limit). Our average group size is 10-12 travelers per trip. Our community-building efforts begin 90 days before the trip and often last forever!

  • Our Itineraries: Our team of travel experts hand-craft every itinerary.  They vet every destination, experience, and vendor and then carefully curate the trip to ensure you’ll have a unique and special time.  You won’t visit the top tourist destinations in the world with us, we take you a bit off the beaten path, and dig a bit deeper for a more authentic experience to the local culture.

  • Authentic Connection: Our flexible itineraries offer you connectedness when you want it, but plenty of freedom to go your own way, too.  Most of our guests participate in some of our suggested activities and do some exploring on their own as well. We find that more authentic connections are made when two people choose to do something together, rather than when you’re stuck on a bus with someone for a week.  Our experienced, professional trip hosts are on-site throughout your trip to facilitate connections between the guests. Think: “Hey! I heard Sally wanted to check out the seahorse sanctuary tomorrow morning, it’s cool you’re interested in that too, maybe you guys could go together?”

  • Responsible Tourism: Community isn’t just about the guests on our trips, it’s also about the local community- the people, animals and nature where we’re headed.  We make sure our business decisions are not only what’s best for our community of travelers, but also have a positive benefit to the local communities we visit. 

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