How to Survive a 17 Hour Flight – tips for long flights

I love Asia. Ever since my first time to Thailand, I knew that Asia was always going to be a favorite of mine. Everything is so different, it’s challenging, it’s unique, it’s fun, it’s not like anything you’ve seen before. The only problem is that it takes FOREVER to get there from the States. If you’re lucky, you find a stellar flight deal that is nonstop and then you just have to figure out what you’re going to do with yourself for SEVENTEEN hours on a plane. The only thing you can do is try out some of these tips of ours for long flights to try to make your flight more enjoyable.

I recently took the flight from LAX to Singapore (because it was $424 from Austin all the way to Singapore!) Some people much prefer to stop, get off the plane, and reset. However, I prefer just to get it over with and get there as fast as possible. If you choose fast and furious, here are my tips to hopefully increase your enjoyment on your long journey.

Make a plan. The day you’re going to fly out, plan to sleep in. If you can sleep until 10am or so, then you won’t immediately be tired on the plane. If you CAN, I recommend staying awake until 8pm on the timezone you’re traveling to. For example, I added Singapore time  to my world clock on my iphone and watched movies until it was time to go to sleep on Singapore time. This way, you are so tired that you actually sleep but also, you wake up for breakfast on the plane and hopefully avoid significant jetlag. 

Buy this connector. Some planes don’t have the regular headphones port. You’ll end up having to use their less than awesome headphones if you aren’t prepared.

Try these – Homeopathic Jet Lag tabs, take them every 2-3 hours with lots of water (water will help you feel better as well

SOCKS, Jacket – even if you’re going somewhere super hot. The plane WILL be freezing. It’s inevitable on a flight that long

THIS PILLOW. I’ve tried 5 different neck pillows and I hate them all. This one is pure perfection. It’s inflatable, it’s soft, it’s tested by me and several of my avid traveling buds.

Pick the right seat. Everyone has their preference on window vs aisle however what most people don’t consider is the food service and the bathrooms. I personally will always pay extra for the bulk head. I love the window for sleeping and the bulk head has so much room in front that you can properly stretch out AND get up for the bathroom without disturbing anyone on your row. In addition, the further you sit towards the back, the less likely you’ll get a choice between the chicken or the beef. If you are passionate about your plane food, sit as close to the front as possible. You’ll be the first to be served food AND drinks. Double bonus. Also, the closer you are to the bathroom, the easier it is for you to see when there’s a long line before you bug your neighbor to let you out of the row.

There are plenty of other little tips and tricks, if you have any specific questions, email us at

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