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Legit Trip FAQ

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Frequently asked questions

If you’re looking to explore the world and make new friends and memories, our trips are for you. We believe it’s about having this attitude and not about the age, but we do keep detailed stats to answer this commonly-asked question: 

  • Average age: 34 (most guests are between 27-39 years old)
  • 30% are traveling alone
  • 60-70% women, 30-40% men
  • 75% live in big cities
  • 60% are single
  • 100% want to travel

Simple! You just book the flight and prepare for a great adventure – we take care of the rest. 

Travel forces you to grow, confront challenge and get out of your comfort zone. But sometimes you want the adventure without the hassle. That’s why we created Legit Trips. We are always focused on connecting you with local culture while creating opportunities to engage with fellow travelers. We’ll curate the experiences and the events and you’re able to participate as much or as little as you’d like.  

Because we have a team of seasoned travelers (we’re not relying on consumer search engines) our trips are always going to feel more behind the scenes, more authentic and more exciting than your average book-and-go.

  1. Fun! With over a decade of experience creating fun-filled weekends all over the world, we’re experts in fun. From Floaty Fest in Belize and a disco bingo in Honduras, we BRING the fun everywhere we go!
  2. No stress! We’ve spent countless hours planning the perfect trip so you don’t have to. No need to waste vacation time spending money you didn’t budget for or managing travel issues.
  3. Vetted trip guides Each trip has a custom website with all of the best spots, what’s happening each day, where the locals go, and what you can’t miss. We travel in advance of all trips and ensure that every recommendation still holds true so you can just walk out the door and enjoy!
  4. Community Our trips are comprised of people who love to travel but also enjoy meeting new friends. You can expect to meet 12-25 people around your age who are smart, friendly, professionals trying something new.
  5. Independence: Legit Trips hand-picks a group itinerary… but you’re not obligated to follow the schedule. Sign up for every single activity or simply spend the day by yourself relaxing. If you’re the trip planner in the group, bring your friends along with no pressure to entertain them.

Where We've Traveled To

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