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Frequently asked questions

If you’re looking to explore the world and make new friends and memories, our trips are for you. We believe it’s about having this attitude and not about the age, but we do keep stats to answer this common question: 

  • Most of our guests are in their 30s and 40s. But as long as that doesn’t bother you, we’re happy to have adult travelers of any age.  
  • Solo Travelers make up about 30% of the guests on each trip
  • Groups of friends make up about 30% of the guests on each trip
  • Couples travel with us too!  And make up about 30% of the guests on each trip
  • About half of our travelers are single

Simple! You just book the flight and prepare for a great adventure – we take care of the rest. 

Travel forces you to grow, confront challenge and get out of your comfort zone. But sometimes you want the adventure without the hassle. That’s why we created Legit Trips. We are always focused on connecting you with local culture while creating opportunities to engage with fellow travelers. We’ll curate the experiences and the events and you’re able to participate as much or as little as you’d like.  

Because we have a team of seasoned travelers (we’re not relying on consumer search engines) our trips are always going to feel more behind the scenes, more authentic and more exciting than your average book-and-go.

The joy of discovering a new place is that much sweeter when shared with someone else.  Our trips are built to foster connection, forge friendships, and share memories between like-minded travelers.

Our team of travel experts have the perfect recipe for an unforgettable trip. They’ve vetted every destination, experience and vendor and then hand-crafted your trip itinerary so you can just kick back and enjoy a guaranteed good time.

Every Legit Trip is built with a flexible itinerary: Connectedness when you want it, but plenty of freedom to go your own way, too.  The guidance of your personal trip leader is always available but never prescribed. We give you a compass, not a leash.

Responsible Tourism
Each of our trip itineraries are not only good for our guests, but also good for the local people, animals and nature where we’re headed.

No problem! Our public group itineraries are scheduled as seen on our trips calendar.  However, we can always offer any of our itineraries for private clients, as solo travelers or with your own group of friends, on alternative dates that work best for you.

Want to build something entirely unique?  Our team of travel experts would love to help with that as well.  Reach out for any custom help fun@legittrips.com 

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