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Best Belizean dishes - Travel with Legit Trips

Top 8 Belizean Dishes

Belize is one of our favorite countries in the world. Because we are from the states, it is an easy, quick flight to a beautiful

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Group travel to Cuba - Legal itineraries - Legit Trips

Free Havana City Guide

Heading to Cuba? Download our free Havana city guide for a list of our favorite spots! Top restaurants, nightlife experiences and our fave bars are

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Top 5 Croatian Islands

It’s impossible to rank any islands when you love islands as much as we do but after two weeks sailing around Croatia, we have our

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Yacht Week Group Travel

What to pack for Yacht Week

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in preparing for yacht week is overpacking. It’s not just you, it’s everyone’s first mistake. Carry-on bags

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Group Travel | Legit Trips | Expertly Hand-Crafted Group Itineraries

Bocas Del Toro, Panama

Bocas Del Toro Panama welcomes visitors by road or air. We drove from Boquete (highly recommend! Email for tips!) and took a quick water taxi

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Group Travel | Legit Trips | Expertly Hand-Crafted Group Itineraries

Vienna, Austria

Cities like this in Europe are my favorite. I love all of the history in Vienna, Austria and the fact that they’ve kept so many

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Budapest itinerary- What to do in Budapest - Find travel buddies - Legit Trips

Prague, Czech Republic

When in ANY city in Europe, I highly recommend bike tours, ice cream everyday, and afternoon naps when you visit Prague in the Czech Republic.

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Group Travel | Legit Trips | Expertly Hand-Crafted Group Itineraries

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Although I’ve traveled around the world quite a bit, somehow I have managed to not spend very much time in South America. After the Galapagos

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Itineraries for South Africa - Must do in Cape Town - Legit Trips

Cape Town, South Africa

After a whirlwind tour of South Africa, I can say with certainty that Cape Town is one of the most uniquely beautiful places I’ve ever

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