Martinique- The French Caribbean

I started adventuring to the French Caribbean when Norwegian was offering $35 One Way Flights direct from Boston. I’ve heard that service has been significantly reduced in the past couple years, and even discontinued from some East Coast cities. It was fun while it lasted! And got me hooked on the European amenities coupled with Caribbean charm  . I’m now a big fan of both the French and Dutch Caribbean, and it all started with Martinique!


  1. La Trinite. We stayed in an AirBnb in this surf-focused neighborhood in the Presqu Ile de la Caravelle park on the island. Neighborhood favorites were: 
    Itacare Surf Shop- awesome smoothies, quick foods, & of course, a surf shopCocoa Beach Cafe- beachfront dining with a local vibe, awesome at sunset, but they don’t start serving dinner until late (like 8pm!)Ecole Surf school, if you’re interested in surfing or suping!
  2. The Southern Part of the Island— Check out the towns of Sainte Luce, Sainte Anne, and Grand and Petit Anse beaches. Makes a great day trip to adventure around this part of the island. Or it could be awesome to stay in either of these towns!
  3. We also stayed at By The Seaside Bed & Breakfast in Hyacinthe. And one of the highlights of the whole trip for me was kayaking off the point of the peninsula over to Ilet Madame (island) and exploring and snorkeling around the island. The views from the island back to the mainland are amazing! Martinique is picturesque with its beautiful blue waters, lush green mountains, and sailboat-filled ports 


Language: French is the official and primary language, some people will try to speak English with you if they can, but it is a largely French culture and you’re best served to have a book or translator on your phone. The language can be a challenge because the islands aren’t used to very much tourism other than from Europe. You’ll get by on smiles and broken French and English, just be prepared if you can!

Currency: Martinique, like France, is on the Euro

Electric: Same as Europe, US travelers will need plug adapters and voltage converters

Driving: The roads are in great condition compared to other Caribbean islands. Driving is on the right side of the road as well making it fairly familiar. However, the roads are narrow, windy, and steep. Be aware that the cars are manual transmission for the most part, so if you require an automatic request it in advance. No special licensure is required.

Airports: 1 airport in Fort De France FDF, serves the island with some direct flights from the US. Air France, Air Canada, and American Airlines are the major carriers, as well as many smaller Caribbean airlines that offer island hopping.

Ferry: You can also get to Martinique by ferry, or jump off from Martinique to neighboring islands by ferry!! L’Express Des Iles is the ferry servicing Guadeloupe, Dominica, Martinique & St Lucia.

If you’re thinking about going to Martinique, please contact us (! We’re happy to provide free consultations. Enjoy!

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