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Supporting your mental and physical health & wellness under quarantine


Coronavirus Support Guide

Marie Forleo shares How to Stay Strong and Navigate this Time Together.

We love her award winning TV show: Marie TV.  This round-up of her best videos will help you laugh, feel inspired, learn something new, stay active, manage fear, and more! 


Headspace is a meditation app. And in response to COVID-19 they are offering some meditations you can listen to anytime.

Now free for everyone — Weathering the storm.
It includes meditations, sleep, and movement exercises. 

Download the App.

The Brendon Show Podcast

Free Wellness Masterclass to help manage stress and develop greater mental well-being.

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Check out these episodes:
*Coronavirus: Fear, Focus & Forecasting- Part 1 & 2
*Wellness During Crisis Day 1-4

Free mindfulness resources to find calm and nourish resilience during the COVID outbreak.

We especially love the “Web of Life” meditation- a 20 minute connection practice.  It helps increase your feelings of connection to yourself, your family, friends, colleagues, the world around you, and the universe.