Taste of India - Virtual Cooking Class

Taste of India - Virtual Cooking Class

Tuesday August 4th: 8-9:30pm CT
LIVE online cooking class via Zoom


In this experience our guide will teach you how to make authentic Masala Chai (Indian Tea), the one they drink regularly in India. He will share his family’s recipe of Masala Chai and we will also prepare Pakoras (Indian fritters), an Indian tea snack made of vegetables (potatoes, onions, Cauliflower), using gram flour or chickpeas flour batter.

He will teach you two different methods of making pakoras. Chai & pakoras are best paired together & when it’s raining, and the majority of households in India make these in their homes. Join us to learn more about the history of tea in India & to get to know a local Delhi guide while sipping tea and munching pakoras, the ones which we just prepared.

Once you place our order, we will send you the ingredients and preparation needed in advance. You can cook along with the class or we will send the recipes out at the end of the class so you can just enjoy watching.

OUR COOKING GUIDE: I’m Jd a true Delhi-ite and a lover of food. My family have a restaurant since 3 generations (since 1956), so food is my passion. I’ve been organizing food tours and cooking classes in Delhi for past 5 years.



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