Roatan – Bay Islands, Honduras

Roatan is part of the Bay Islands in the Caribbean off the coast of mainland Honduras. This mid-sized Caribbean island has a little bit of everything, great scuba diving, good nightlife, and beautiful beaches.


  1. West End Village A narrow unpaved main street with shops and restaurants on both sides, it’s right on the ocean but no real beaches here.
  2. Scuba DivingRoatan is a diver’s paradise! Situated along the largest reef in the Western Hemisphere, with healthy coral reefs, wrecks, and diverse marine life. Easy, short boat rides to all the amazing dive sites!
  3. West Bay Beaches
    Beautiful mile long beach with turquoise waters, and great beach-front bars and restaurants. The famed banana donut man is usually walking this stretch of beach, and it’s worth the splurge!

Nuts & Bolts:

Language: Spanish is the official language, though many islanders will speak English to visitors

Currency: Lempira, loosely pegged 19:1 to USD

Electric: same as US Standard

Driving: It’s not recommended for tourists to drive in Roatan. Take a taxi or water taxi instead, it will be safer and more fun! The road conditions aren’t great, there may be horses or cows walking in the streets, and there are very few traffic lights or street signs.

Airports: 1 airport, RTB serves the island. American, Delta and United all fly directly there from the US. We think flying in to RTB is the best way to get to the island.

If you’re thinking about going to Roatan, please contact us (! We’ve been several times and one of our trip leaders lived there for several years!

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