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Destination Unknown...

Well, WE know where you’re going, but we’re keeping it a surprise for YOU!  Ever wanted to show up to the airport and hop a flight to “somewhere cool” ?
This trip is exactly that.  You can trust in our team of travel experts who have hand-crafted this surprise trip to a magical destination we’re nearly sure* you’ve never been to! 

*If you want to make sure you’ve never been to this destination before booking, you’re welcome to email us your travel history and we can confirm for you. [email protected]

After Booking, a Legit Trips travel expert will be in touch to collect information from you for booking your travel arrangements. 

Flights will be booked by Legit Trips for each individual traveler, but flight costs are NOT included in the trip package. You should budget $600-800 for a RT flight from most major US cities.  We will track flights and get you the best deals possible, but early booking is encouraged to offer the best rates.

After your Flight is Booked you’ll receive notification about when/where to show up to the airport.

About 30 days prior to the trip you’ll receive a packing list.  (This is one trip its ok to over-pack for since you don’t really know what you’re getting in to!)

Day-Of travel you’ll turn up to your home airport with an airline confirmation number, you’ll go to the check-in desk and they’ll print you a ticket! FINALLY you at least know where you’re headed.

Upon landing at your destination, you’ll be transferred to the host accommodations where everyone on the trip will be staying.  You’ll share a welcome dinner, be introduced to this mystery place where you’ve all just met up, and be given options for activities you’d like to do throughout your trip.

Your Trip Host will be on-site and available 24/7 throughout the trip to help with anything you might desire.

July 3rd-6th, 2020

  • 3 nights in cute 4 star accommodations
  • RT hotel transfers from destination airport to accommodations & back
  • All trip planning, flight assistance, and on-site trip host available 24/7.

Up until 60 days before the trip start date, your deposit is fully transferable to another trip or person. If you cancel less than 60 days to the trip start date you will not be able to receive a refund unless you’re able to fill your spot.

Deposit $250

Total Trip Package $850 

(trip balance is less deposit, $600 due after deposit is paid)

*flexible payment options available for balance- to pay monthly or in a few equal installments


4 Star Lodging

The same LEGIT quality guarantee you'd expect on any of our trips. We strive to provide top quality accommodations where you arrive and feel like you've come home.

Flight Assistance

Your personal Legit Trips travel expert will handle the booking of your flights. It will be a collaborative effort, locking in the best deal for you that we can find that also fits your needs.


Discover a new place with an added element of surprise! Studies show that surprise intensifies our emotions by about 400 percent. Be prepared for a most excellent experience!

Good Friends

You're bound to travel with like-minded individuals on this one-of-a-kind surprise trip. You'll find yourself alongside others seeking the undiscovered, the spontaneous, those looking for something more.

Day 1

Arrival Day

Transfer to Destination Lodging

Very comfortable, private rooms, plus great community space for gathering as a group. Feels like HOME.

Group Welcome Dinner

Day 2

Activities Day

Choose from cultural, active or foodie activities in the local area.

Below are actual photos of our lodging. 
Pack your swimsuit, that’s all we’re saying 🙂 

Day 3

Optional Day Trips


Explore the local area on your own

Day 4

Departures Day

Return Transfer to Airport

Say “see you again” to your new friends


This surprise trip is open to all adventurous souls who are seeking something different.  This trip will be full of local discovery, going deeper to learn about another culture and place.  This trip is not for you if you’re looking to sip pina coladas by the pool on vacation. (though that may be possible still!?!)

Ready to get started?

Your SURPRISE Adventure is Just One Click Away! 

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