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"You know you had a good time when you couldn’t wait to book the next trip! I went to Utila/Roatan and will be going to Cuba in April (so stoked!). Megan and gang did an amazing job organizing our large group - they had recommendations ready on the spot, tons of local knowledge and went above and beyond to make sure everyone had a good time! What I loved most was you could make the trip what you wanted - you could be active and social or just chill on your own - and since they pick such incredible locations, you can’t go wrong either way! THANK YOU Lundy, Kristen, and Valerie!!!"
Susan Loh
"Legit Trips is the BEST way to travel and see the world! They do a perfect mix of relaxation, partying, local finds, and customization as needed. Plus their presence on the trip makes for a worry-free travel. I’ve been to Thailand and Belize with them and had a stellar time, and I’ve made wonderful friends. I look forward to many more trips with them."

Kim Taylor
"What an amazing company and trip. I just went to the Galapagos and Quito with Legit Trips and it was so much. Prior to the trip, I setup a payment plan so I could pay for the trip in payments instead of all at once. Personally one of my favorite things they offered. It made it way easy to manage. The trip and group was awesome. The group was small, just 7 of us total counting Kristen who led the trip. The group was so great... I would definitely recommend traveling with Legit Trips to any of my friends."

Dominick Borgia
"“If you want a fun, easy, no stress trip, this is the way to go! The small details are thought of and there are great add-ons to make the most of your trip."

Rebecca M
"They are veteran travelers with a professional knack for finding exciting places to visit. The other guests on the trip are warm and adventurous and we really enjoy exploring together."

Allie W
“Legit Trips makes it so easy with simply buying a plane ticket and arriving. I am such a fan that I booked my next Legit Trip while I was still traveling with them. Thank you for making traveling so easy, so fun, and fulfilling this missing niche in the travel industry. You are exactly what I needed!”
Sara A
"You go to amazing places and do amazing things but it’s the people you meet, the experiences you share, the connections that are born from the decision to be bold and spontaneous that are the things that will last a lifetime"
Shaun C
"There were a dozen other like-minded travelers on my trip, and I left with a dozen new friends. It was so nice not having to do the planning, but just show up and have fun! The trip leaders go out of their way to make sure you have the best experience ever."
Chelsea L
"What I loved most was you could make the trip what you wanted- you could be active and social or just chill on your own- and since they pick such incredible locations, you can’t go wrong either way!”

Susan L

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