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Tortuga Backpacks

We’ve been looking for backpacks that we love forever. Lundy was looking for a personal item and Kristen a larger one for carry-on packing. We recently partnered with Tortuga backpack and both got the size we were looking for.

Since then, we’ve traveled to several countries and used them on overnight trips. We love them. They’ve thought of everything when it comes to organization, size, and comfort!


We fell in love with Outdoorsy because of our personal love for RVs and vans. They have over a billion days of available RVs inventory all over the world. Each RV is unique so you can find whatever you’re looking for!

Outdoorsy operates similarly to AirBnB, they connect RV and van owners with other campers like them who want the experience without the vehicle ownership.

Sea to Summit

We like Sea to Summit gear because it is nimble and light, but serious enough to deliver when you need it most. We’ve just recently updated all of our camping gear with their lightweight stuff and are looking at all of their great travel gear! Check them out if you’re looking for something for any kind of trip, they’ve got it all.

The Mad Optimist

We have mad respect for Mother Nature, that’s why we use their products. They consist of only all-natural, plant-based ingredients.

Their bodycare is vegan, cruelty-free, always all-natural, halal,
non-GMO, and made from scratch to exact specifications.

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