Top 8 Belizean Dishes

Belize is one of our favorite countries in the world. Because we are from the states, it is an easy, quick flight to a beautiful place with rich culture. Over six years ago, we discovered this amazing, tiny island called Caye Caulker and we’ve been talking trips there every year since (sometimes multiple times a year!) 

Since then, we’ve fallen in love with the Belizean people, the food, the islands, and the ease that comes with traveling to an exotic place where the native language is English. We want to share more about this beautiful place with you so here are our favorite top 8 Belizean dishes you have to try!

1) Fry Jacks
One of the most popular Belizean foods, you will see these every where you go! It is basically deep-fried flour dough pieces and typically eaten with fried sausage, bacon, beans, and eggs. They vary in different shapes like square, round, or triangular. This is one of our favorites, just a little crispy and salty treat after a swim in the ocean. Also, don’t leave off the traditional toppings of sugar, jam, honey, or refried beans and cheese. YUM!

2) Belizean Meat Pie
People prepare this pie using ground meat, different herbs and spices such as thyme, small onions, tomato sauce, and 3 kinds of peppers: sweet, habanero, and black. With all these spices and aromas, this Belizean food has a unique taste and always reminds us of the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean.

3) Conch Fritters
These are by far the country’s most popular appetizer. The delicious combo of flour batter, chopped conch meat and a spicy dipping sauce is something you shouldn’t miss! These deep-fried treats are on most bar and restaurant menus in the country, particularly on the cayes and along the coast. Skip the fried calamari and try something new!

4) Rice and Beans
I know this sounds ordinary but this Belizean version certainly isn’t. Belizean rice and beans are cooked in coconut milk and always served together. Not to be confused with gallo pinto or beans and rice, this blend of rice and beans is served as an accompaniment to most main dishes, especially chicken. No meal in Belize is the same without them!

5) Freshly caught seafood
Like in any coastal country, seafood in Belize is fresh and plentiful. Here, shrimp, conch, lobster and a variety of fish are almost always on the menu. Whether you choose a grilled, stewed or fried variety, it won’t be disappointing. Fried green plantains are a common accompaniment, as are the famous rice and beans mentioned above!

6) Pupusas
These delicious stuffed corn pancakes originated from refugees of El Salvador. If you’re looking for the best pupusa, look no further than the local street vendor, they always have the best!  They usually come stuffed with one or more ingredient that typically includes cheese, chicharron, squash, or refried beans. These make for the perfect savory snack and always come with homemade hot sauce and coleslaw.

7) Everything Coconut
We personally LOVE coconut flavored everything. In Belize you can not only drink coconut frozen drinks and coconut coffee but they also have coconut rice and coconut ice cream. The taste of coconut definitely reminds us of the Caribbean and every time we have it in the states, our memories drift back to our favorite island in Belize!

8) Salbut
Salbutes traditionally start with a corn tortilla fried in oil or lard (preferably), until it is slightly puffed up but still soft. It is topped with shredded lettuce, sliced ​​tomato, pickled onion, shredded turkey or chicken and avocado. They originate from the Yucatán peninsula and are a staple in Belize.

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