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The Dream Team

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The Dream Team of travel experts

Travel the world with Legit Trips

Kristen Sargent

Owner + Caribbean Island Expert

Travel for Good
“People become who they are through a collection of memorable experiences. I love seeing travel memories make people’s lives better. An interaction with a local, an underwater adventure, overcoming a fear, a rekindled love for a dance or a tradition. We become our best while we travel, and we get to take that home and carry it with us forever.”

Discover the world with Legit Trips

Megan Lundquist

Owner + Scuba Destination Expert

The Power of Travel
“Ever since I stepped foot in Spain to study abroad, I knew that experiencing other cultures was what I’d been missing in my life. I believe that travel opens your heart and mind to things you could never imagine. It connects people in a way that nothing else can. For me, walking around a new city, talking to locals is what makes me feel most alive .”

Danielle Ventura

South America Expert + Trip Leader

Why Travel?
“To feel alive. To connect with locals and other travelers. To feel inspired every single moment. It’s all about the people, my trips wouldn’t be the same without the people I meet along the way.”

Group Itinerary to Belize - Travel in groups

Valerie Gilbert

Scuba Expert + Trip Leader

Why Travel?
“Growth! I love meeting people I otherwise never would, both fellow travelers and locals. The more people I meet from different cultures, the more understanding and unassuming I become.”

Travel the world with Legit Trips

Lauren Cox

Europe Expert + Trip Leader

Why I Love traveling
“There’s something wonderful about never knowing what the day will bring or who you’re going to meet. Ultimately, I love seeing beautiful places, meeting interesting people and the adventure that travel brings to my life.”

Group Travel - Legit Trips

Haley Elander

Local Experiences Expert + Trip Leader

Why I Love Traveling
“You learn we aren’t so different.
We all want adventure, community, and fun.  People are proud to show you their culture and learn from each other. I also love learning about cultural traditions and recreating them our own way with my friends and family at home.”

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Weston Woodward

Dominican Expert + Trip Leader

Why I Love traveling
“Travel has been my greatest teacher over the years. My world view has changed drastically after meeting so many different cultures and people. I think one of the biggest problems with America is we stick to our tribal communities, our bubbles, our homogenous thought. Travel breaks those confines and humanizes the cultures once judged.”

Group Itinerary to Banff - Travel in groups

Sammy Stevens

Asia Expert + Trip Leader

Why I Love Traveling
“I’ve traveled to 34 different countries and to say that traveling is an interest of mine is an understatement. It is definitely a love and a passion in my life. Not only do I love seeing incredible places this beautiful world has to offer but for me the love is the experience behind it. I’m passionate about the adventure and especially the people you meet along the way!”


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