Trinidad and Tobago – Twin Islands

Our trip to Trinidad & Tobago didn’t go as planned and we never made it to Tobago, but it’s still on our list to get back there for some chill vibes and scuba diving. Warning – If Tobago is in your sights, book your ferry tickets from Trinidad in advance! We made the mistake of thinking we could walk-on and the ferry was booked out weeks in advance. Therefore, we ended up in Trinidad longer than planned, and truly there’s not much to see.


  1. Trinidad- Trinidad is a real city. We were told multiple times not to go walking around during the daytime, but especially not at night. Everyone suggested we take a taxi anywhere we wanted to go. Therefore, we didn’t see much of the island. We ended up stuck at the Hyatt Trinidad and though expensive, it was quite comfortable. The people were kind, the service was excellent, the food was delicious. So there are certainly worse places to be stuck when you can’t get to your scuba destination.
  2. Tobago- Though we didn’t make it, the research showed it will be an incredible place to scuba dive and there are lots of natural, home-grown type spots around the island. Seems like a totally different, chill vibe compared to Trinidad.


Language: Officially English

Currency: Trinidad & Tobago Dollar

Electric: Same as the US no converters needed.

Driving: Taxis are the main form of transportation for tourists around the island and it seems like the safest option too.

Airports: Trinidad airport Piarco – POS – has direct flights from the US mostly on American Airlines and JetBlue. From POS you have to take the ferry to reach Tobago-

If you’re thinking about going to Trinidad & Tobago or would like to explore other destinations in the Caribbean islands, please contact us (! We’re happy to provide free consultations.

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