What to pack for Machu Picchu – tips and tricks

When preparing for a big hike, there’s always a lot of preparation around what to pack. What do you REALLY need, what will make your trip more enjoyable, how much can I really be happy carrying. Well, we hiked Machu Picchu and decided to put together a list for you. Here’s our best recommendations for what to pack for Machu Picchu and our best tips and tricks to enjoy your hike even more.

Things you wouldn’t think of:

  • Dramamine for bus and train rides  (day 1 and day 5 of “trek”)
  • Small refillable water bottle OTHER than the 2-3liter camelbak bladder to carry around camp and to add to your water supply for the day. Some days you were limited to only 1-2 liters per person at breakfast and then “only take whats needed” at lunch time
  • Tissues or bandana to blow nose along trek
  • Buff or bandana to cover nose and mouth from dusty trails
  • Pepto tablets JUST in case (you can’t take Tums if you’re taking the Diamox drug)
  • MORE socks and underwear than you think you need. Many days i wore 2 pairs of socks to help cushion my feet. Changed underwear twice a day, you’ll want a pair to hike in and a pair to sleep in FRESH each day
  • Long underwear to sleep in to be more comfortable temperature wise as well as with sharing accomodation with someone.
  • A fleece layer that will not get WET, even our “quick dry” long-sleeved layers didn’t dry from sweat overnight.
  • Hiking in shorts is never advised, bugs and dust are both factors so skip the shorts and stick to more leggings for girls or thinner hiking pants for guys.
Things you can leave at home:
  • Toiletries – only thing you’ll need is a mini hand sanitizer, wipes for face and body, sunscreen, toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant. EVERYTHING ELSE IS A WASTE. We carried our own hair products to use the night before the trek in the hotel and its not worth it. The hotel provides soap and shampoo and after 4 days of hiking you will be FINE with just that!
  • Water purification tablets or filters. We had fresh water throughout the trek.
Our Official Packing List:
  • Bring more SPRAY spf and bug stuff than lotion or wipes mostly because it is easily applied as we hike (bugs really didn’t seem to be an issue for anyone, maybe because we sprayed?)
  • Layers for all weather from tank tops to a puffy coat. Also recommend a warm hat at night as well as gloves.
  • Hiking boots or shoes and wool socks.
  • Small daypack / backpack
  • Sleeping bag – you can rent this from all trekking guides but NOTE they are average size bags so if you’re extra tall or large, we’d recommend bringing our own or asking the guide in advance about the sizes.
  • Pack towel or small towel
  • Rain coat (& waterproof pants if you have them!)
  • Energy bars or favorite hiking snacks
  • Bathing suit (there is a hot tub one night)
  • Sandals like Tevas or Chacos
  • Extra Peruvian Soles (for entry fee S/10, showers S/10, device charging, etc while en route)
If you have any questions about our experience or if you’re trying to decide whether or not to pack something, shoot us an email to fun@legittrips.com. We’re happy to help! Also, check out our group trip as well as our other blog resources about hiking Machu Picchu HERE!

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