Why Choose an Air-Cruise to Antarctica

Ready to check that last continent off your bucket list? 

Our Antarctica Air-Cruise Express trip is designed to offer a taste of Antarctica without too much extra time at sea in stormy swells.  Many people think they can’t visit Antarctica until they retire because it’s quite a long journey to get there.  Enter, the Air-Cruise.  We’ll cruise aboard the ship from Ushuaia, Argentina to the South Shetland Islands.  Then, after setting foot in Antarctica, we’ll fly back to Punta Arenas, Chile. Easy! 

Why Choose an Air Cruise?

  • The Drake Passage
    The journey across the Drake Passage is notoriously rough with high seas.  It’s part of the experience of getting to Antarctica, and a bit of a rite of passage.  But it takes two whole days, so let’s do it once and then fly home, yeah?
  • Wildlife
    We’ll have one whole day and one half day for taking the Zodiaks out and spotting wildlife.  We’ll visit a penguin colony, and hope for seal and whale watching opportunities.  This trip is best suited for those who think 2 days in a rubber raft in the arctic is plenty.
  • Fly Home
    We get to save multiple days at sea and visit a new country (Chile!) by flying home from Frei Station in Antarctica.  For those short on vacation time, this express itinerary is a great option.
  • Small Ship
    Our ship, the Ocean Nova, is small.  With only 67 guests on board, it’s easy for everyone to disembark and watch wildlife.  Plus, the boat is designed so that every room is an outside room with a window. There is also a dining room, bar, library, and a small gym. It’s the ultimate small ship polar experience!

Join Us January 12-19, 2023  While this trip is designed to offer a relatively quick and affordable way of seeing Antarctica, it’s not all about that last continent.  This trip also celebrates Argentina and Chile by land.  Plus, we recommend all guests spend some time in Buenos Aires on the way to or from the Air-Cruise.  You have to fly through BA anyway, and it’s such a great city, you shouldn’t miss it.

There’s only 3 spots left, so let us know if you’re interested!  Email w/ interest or book now

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