Why Egypt Should Be Your Next Trip

The last few years have been strange ones to say the least, however, things are definitely starting to look up. Not only is Egypt completely open again, but they have been making headlines as one of THE countries to visit in 2022. To name just a few mentions – TripAdvisor named Cairo their #2 Trending Destination in the World for 2022, but Hurghada in their Top 10 Most Popular Destinations in the World for 2022! Egypt has also been listed in Lonely Planet’s Top 10 Countries in 2022.

We recently explored Egypt in October or 2021 and were overwhelmed by how much there is to see. So much history, culture, beauty, food, and more! There are a million reasons to visit but here are a few of the main reasons why Egypt should be your next trip. Join us in 2023!


Ancient Egypt is one of the most interesting and oldest civilizations in the world. The Great Pyramids of Giza, the only surviving ancient wonder, along with ancient Egyptian statues and tombs, continue to seize the attention of top archaeologists and, of course, the wider world. To this day, remains of the ancient Egyptian civilization continue to be discovered.

World Famous Museums

The Grand Egyptian Museum will hopefully be opening its doors in late 2022; when opened, it’ll be the biggest archaeological museum in the world. It’ll also be home to the full Tutankhamun collection, with pieces on public display for the first time ever. You can also visit the Cairo Museum in Midan Tahrir — the museum’s collections exceed over 120,000 pieces, from the pre-historic era to the Roman-Greco period. Or the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization, with its Royal Mummy Gallery. My personal favorite is Karnak Temple in Luxor, which is considered the biggest open-air museum in the world.

The Nile

Ranking as the longest river in the world, the Nile extends around 6,695km (4,160mi) and flows into the Mediterranean. The Nile is their only source of water for the entire region and has been since the beginning of time. Highly recommend a faluka boat at sunrise or a multi-day Nile cruise.


Egypt’s high season never ends. Summer is the perfect time to take a dip and go diving, while winter is the best time to visit the historic desert sites. The weather is great all year round!


Egyptian food has been influenced by neighboring countries in the Middle East, resulting in dishes full of flavor. Not only is it delicious, but the food in Egypt shapes the national culture. Egyptians turn to food in times of happiness, need and struggle. It’s the highlight of any occasion!

Historic Hotels

With certain hotels over 150 years old (and still serving up 5 star luxury), in Egypt you don’t just SEE history, you can also choose to sleep in it. These hotels range from khedival palaces in Cairo to nods to Alexandria’s seaside belle epoque to Agatha’s Nile-side inspiration down in Aswan – in Egypt you don’t need to stay at another cookie-cutter hotel.

There are so many more reasons to visit – the Pyramids of Giza, Sphinx, Valley of the Kings, the Luxor Temple and more! If you’re looking for help planning a trip, reach out to fun@legittrips.com. Or if you want to join our group trip – learn more HERE

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